7 Quick Tips to save Time at the Dealership

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7 Quick Tips to save Time at the Dealership

Have you ever wondered why it takes all day practically to buy a new or used vehicle?  The average person spends anywhere from 3 to 5 hours purchasing a vehicle.  So how can you save time at the dealership?  We understand and here are 7 quick tips that will save you time at the Car Dealership

Let’s add them up

How To Save Time At the Dealership

Select Vehicle OnlineEstimated Time Savings 30 minutes

What Special Programs Do I Qualify For Estimated Time Savings 15 minutes

Have Your Documents Ready | Estimated Time Savings 60 minutes

Get Pre-Approved Online | Estimated Time Savings 30 minutes

Appraise Your Trade-In | Estimated Time Savings 30 minutes

Consider Service, or Maintenance Contract | Estimated Time Savings 15 minutes

Schedule Appointment To Sign and Pick Up VehicleTotal Estimated Time Savings 180 minutes or 3 hours 

1.  Select Vehicle 

View Online Inventory and pre-select the vehicle of your choice and budget. Estimated Time Savings 30 minutes

2.  Special Programs

Check to see what other incentives they may offer, such as, College GraduateFirst Time BuyerMilitary or First Responder Bonus and what documentation do I need.  These all take time trying to gather and negotiate. Estimated Time Savings 15 minutes

3.  Have Your Documents Ready

Make sure your have your documents ready such as Current Drivers License, Proof of Car Insurance (must be current), and a copy of the last 2 Pay Stubs or with in he last 2 months. Most people forget to put the current insurance card in their wallet or glove box.  If you have an online app on your phone make sure your can print it or email it. If you have a trade-in then either the Title To the Vehicle also know as the Pink-Slip.  If it is financed call or go online to get a 10 day Pay-Off and have it email or write down address and account information to send the payoff to. Bring in your Old Contract as you might have some additional credits like Extended Service, or Maintenance Contract that could be cancelled and pro-rated.  This can be complicated to figure it out and our Finance Managers can figure this out easily if you bring in your vehicle purchase agreement and all the other documents you signed when you purchased your vehicle.  Estimated Time Savings 60 minutes

4.  Get Pre-Approved Online

Submit your online application for the vehicle you pre-selected up front this way you can make sure it fits into your budget.  Once approved ask the best way to send these documents ahead of time usually by email items. Drivers License, Insurance Card, Pay Stubs, Proof of any special programs your qualify for such as College Graduate, Military etc. If a trade-in copy of Registration and Pink-Slip or Pay-Off Information.  All of this information has to be entered in by hand so this can take awhile if you are trying to gather documents last minute and by having this ready it makes it easy for you and us.  Estimated Time Savings 30 minutes

5.  Appraise Your Trade Online

if you have a trade in or are considering trading in a vehicle.  A quick tip is to make sure you add your VIN number to ensure the correct year, make, model miles if has been in an accident, or got scratched by a shopping cart these all both can show damage on carfax but mean two different things and could save you money in the long run.  If you have the original Monroney (Manufacturer Window Sticker) to make sure you get credit for any additional options that could earn you more for your trade. If not and you want to see or get a copy try MonroneyLabels. If the vehicle is paid off.  Test Drive while your vehicle is being appraised. Estimated Time Savings 30 minutes

6.  Consider Extended, Service or Maintenance Agreement 

Consider Extended, Service, or Maintenance Agreements as many times if its financed you don’t have to worry about it but many people skip getting their vehicle for scheduled maintenance as they forgot to budget or have the money to do so at the time.  So this is one of the easiest ways to ensure your vehicle stays up to date.  I highly recommend this for teenage drivers or first time buyers.  I suggest always considering an extended warranty and the best way for me to describe this is like life insurance.  If we have it we hope we never have to use it.  I write this with some humor but it’s really the truth.  So if you have purchased one in the past and never had to use it then you might be one of those who thinks it was a not a value but to those who have had to use one they typically always purchase another as the realize these vehicles are still man made and assembled and now today with all the computer and technology in them they some times have conflicts.  An example has your computer ever crashed or maybe you smart phone.  Anyways just something to perhaps get some more details after your approved to see what options and consideration.  Estimated Time Savings 15 minutes

7.  Schedule Appointment 

Schedule Appointment and if you are flexible then ask when the least busiest times are such as first thing in the morning and make sure they have everything to pre-load into the computers so when you arrive you are all business.  Your car should be washed and waiting and as you hand the keys of your vehicle your trading in an actual appraisal take yours for quick test drive. If finance is not ready just yet take this time to have them deliver the vehicle or learn your new vehicle’s features like pairing the phone and enrolling in Car-Net.  Estimated Time Savings 15 minutes


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