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The highly anticipated all new 2019 Jetta Volkswagen is coming soon! But before it’s even available for sale Ontario Volkswagen is throwing a family friendly launch party and you’re invited! Food and drinks will be served a DJ will keep the party lively and there will even be a petting zoo for the kiddos! Hear all the details in this iDriveSoCal Podcast and find out how you can personally be featured in the podcast we’ll be recording at the party!


Recording date – April 13, 2018 in Ontario, CA

Randy Halcomb: It’s just basically to give the public a first eyes view at it and see the trim, the interior, exterior, and to do it kind of in a fun fashion. It’s going to give you the ability to customize what you want to see. If you want to see the navigation portion instead of how fast you’re going, or the miles per hour, your RPMs. So you can kind of customize that digitally however you want. The first Volkswagen in the U.S. to offer the Beats audio. We just want to make it a very relaxed environment where the customers come out and enjoy the vehicle we’re going to have a barbecue, DJ, as well as a petting zoo. Just some neat things here for the customers and family to come out and take a look at the all new 2019 Jetta.

Tom Smith: Welcome to iDriveSoCal, the podcast all about mobility from the automotive capitol of the United States – Southern California. I’m Tom Smith, and today I’m at Ontario Volkswagen in the Los Angeles suburb of Ontario, California. Ontario Volkswagen is just off the 15. Ontario Volkswagen is also a partner of iDriveSoCal, thank you very much for being a partner, and who I’m thanking right now is my guest, which is Randy Halcomb, who is the Director of Business Development here at Ontario Volkswagen. Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about the all new 2019 Jetta, which is on the way out very soon. But actually there’s going to be a launch party that they’re doing here at Ontario Volkswagen on Tuesday, April 24th from 4 to 7. So come out here for that. But first let’s talk about some details of the new Jetta. So Randy, thank you for joining me.

Randy Halcomb: Tom, thank you and glad to have you as a partner relationship.

Tom Smith: We’re very excited to be working with you guys and helping to promote this…. The launch party that you guys are doing. It sounds like a lot of fun and the cool thing about Ontario Volkswagen is they’re one of the top Volkswagen dealers in the country. Customer First Award is actually what Volkswagen bestows upon its top dealers. They’re in the top 10 percent of the dealers and that’s surveyed on both sales factors as well as service factors. When it comes to Volkswagens, these guys really know their stuff. They’re a family owned and operated store. I love these guys here, great partner to have. But beyond all that, the Volkswagen factory, Volkswagen manufacturer is supporting them with this launch party. The manufacturer’s bringing cars out here, you can’t even buy them during this event, right? They’re just bringing some cars out.

Randy Halcomb: No, it’s just basically to give the public a first eyes view at it and you know see the trim, the interior, exterior, and to do it kind of in a fun fashion.

Tom Smith: It’s an all new vehicle. If you’ve listened to my podcast with Clinton or Bernadette, Clinton “the professor” Quan, we’ve detailed the difference between a refresh and all new and in this case, the 2019 Jetta is all new. And there’s a number of very cool things about the new 2019 Jetta. And on that note, speaking of Clinton, Clinton and I just did a podcast on the 2018 Jetta GLI. Now there’s a number of trim levels in any vehicle and as it pertains to the Jetta, the GLI is the kind of super sporty version, now that will be coming out, the new, the 2019, actually there won’t be a 2019 GLI, there’ll be a 2020 GLI, which will come out about a year from now. But all the other trim levels of the Jetta are about to roll out. And Randy what are those again?

Randy Halcomb: You’ve got the Jetta S. It’s going to be starting out right around $18,500. The SE, that’s going to be starting right around $22,155. The R line, which is going to be brand new to the the Jetta line is going to be about $22,900 and the SEL in the $24,400 range starting out and then the SEL premium $26,900. So very good, you know, very affordable in those segments and an incredible value for what you’re getting.

Tom Smith: Yeah, the jet is a beautiful car that I haven’t seen one personally, I’ve seen pictures of them, they absolutely look gorgeous. The exterior styling, I knew that you mentioned the lighting is going to be different.

Randy Halcomb: The LED lighting is going to be standard now. The headlights and taillights are going to have the LED lighting standard. You know and just gives it a nice clean look and you know a lot of people are very you know are looking for that LED lighting and so they had it on some of the cars as packages and stuff like that. But it’s nice that they made it standard on the Jetta.

Tom Smith: When we talk about the Jetta technology, it’s been packed with a lot of tech, but the 2019 has kind of a whole new perspective, what do they call it? The driver focused interior, the digital cockpit.

Randy Halcomb: Exactly.

Tom Smith: Tell me about that.

Randy Halcomb: It’s going to give you the ability to you know basically customize what you want to see almost like on the HUD screen, I guess you could say. You know so if you want to see the navigation portion instead of the you know how fast you’re going, or the miles per hour, your RPMs. So you can kind of customize that you know digitally however you want.

Tom Smith: So where you’re normally looking your miles per hour, your RPMs and everything right in the dash there, right in front of you in the dash, that’s all going to be a digital screen that’s completely customizable.

Randy Halcomb: On the upper trim levels to be able to customize that and make it really really unique driving experience and really driver focused as to what the driver wants and wants to be or wants to see available to him as he’s driving the vehicle.

Tom Smith: Randy and his fellow executives here at Ontario Volkswagen are going to get their hands on the new Jetta personally this coming week and then next week is going to… today’s Friday the 13th when we’re recording this, but it’s a podcast you’re going to be listening into it when you’re listening to it. But on Tuesday, April 24th, again, from 4 to 7 the Jetta launch party is actually going to be and that’s when you can come, as an iDriveSoCal listener, you can come and feel, touch, get in and drive the new Jetta. You won’t be able to buy it, but that’s when the launch party is happening. And do you guys know when they’re actually going to be available yet?

Randy Halcomb: We don’t have an exact date so we’re probably thinking you know maybe June.

Tom Smith: Some time in June.

Randy Halcomb: As we all get the opportunity to go and really learn a little bit more about these vehicles next week, you know, to educate ourselves and for us to get a chance to drive these cars and really how they’re designed and more specific. So we’ll have a lot more information for the launch party when our clients come here or are asking questions. We’ll have more answers and stuff for them, first hand answers I guess you can say.

Tom Smith: The factory representatives themselves are going to be out here from Volkswagen and having a good event. It’s going to be no pressure, you can come and check out the new ride, almost like a car show.

Randy Halcomb: Yeah, we just want to make it a very relaxed environment where the customers come out and enjoy the vehicle along with you know we’re going to have a barbecue, DJ, as well as a petting zoo. Just some neat things here for the customers and family to come out and take a look at the all new 2019 Jetta.

Tom Smith: We have the exterior stylings all new with the lighting. We have the interior driver focus digital aspects. Now, a couple of things that I think are really cool about the Jetta. The Beats, so tell me about that.

Randy Halcomb: Yeah, so the…

Tom Smith: Dr. Dre is in the Jetta.

Randy Halcomb: Exactly. The first Volkswagen in the U.S. to offer the Beats audio in the Jetta. And so you know that’s a huge pickup for Volkswagen here in the U.S.

Tom Smith: And then there’s going to be kind of like a mood lighting that sounds really cool too.

Randy Halcomb: Yeah. Believe it or not, it’s you know with the millenniums and new generation being able to change to how they feel in their mood. There is, I think, 10 different color options that they have to customize the color. If they want blue, yellow, red.

Tom Smith: It’s kind of just an interior kind of visual hum to the inside.

Randy Halcomb: Yeah. So it’ll be the, you know, the ambient lighting that you see in the vehicle.

Tom Smith: And then probably one of my favorite things that they’re going to be offering and in Southern California everybody has to have this is the ventilated seat option. I need it. And I’ve said it. If you listen to the podcast all the time, you’ve heard me say this numerous times, but my wife without fail has her seats on the heated. No matter even if we’re were in the dead of summer, she’s got heated seats on. Me, all year long, I love the ventilated seats. And I just think that that needs to come a standard on every car that rolls off of any lot in Southern California.

Randy Halcomb: Yeah, I would agree. I like a little bit cooler in the car for myself and you know if the passenger gets and wants it a little bit warmer and you know I want a little bit cooler.

Tom Smith: So the 2019 Jetta launch party is happening here in Ontario Volkswagen. Ontario Volkswagen is just off the I-15, Interstate 15 in Ontario, in the Ontario Auto Mall. And the event is going to be going on Tuesday again the 24th from 4 to 7. There’s going to be free food, drinks, of course soft drinks, not any alcoholic beverage obviously, it’s a driving event. But fun for the whole family with music and a petting zoo and come out to a no pressure environment, check out the new 2019 Jetta.

Randy Halcomb: Absolutely. And you know they can visit our website if they want to get more details about it and if they have any questions they can reach out to myself. Randy Halcomb at Ontario Volkswagen.

Tom Smith: And that would be or

Randy Halcomb: Either one of them would get there.

Tom Smith: We’ll have it posted on iDriveSoCal as well on the events page. So Randy, thank you so much for joining me and looking forward to a great event. And you know, I think what we’ll do for this one is I think we’ll come out here for iDriveSoCal and for anybody that actually drives the Jetta, anybody goes for a test drive and wants to be on the podcast, we’ll put them on the podcast. We’ll give them a little… Give them an opportunity to tell us about their drive in the podcast and…

Randy Halcomb: Get real time feedback.

Tom Smith: Right?

Randy Halcomb: Absolutely.

Tom Smith: All right. Let’s do that. Let’s do that. Okay, Randy, thank you so much, looking forward to being back out here. Again, Tuesday, April 24th from 4 to 7. The all new Jetta, 2019 all new Jetta launch party in Ontario at Ontario Volkswagen. I’ll see you here. For iDriveSoCal, I’m Tom Smith. Thanks for listening.

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